Spares & Services
  Sequence Controller Make dilegent   differnt type of photo cells 8205,8209 and round type ldr
  duflex oil filter   flame proof indicator 1inch display
  graphile rings for thermic fluid pump   ignesion electrods
  ignesion transfromer 14.5k.v   ilam packing and tough and glass

  casing gasket   ma55 secquence controller
  Sequence Controller Make Murugan   nozzlies
  oil filter element   pump sleeve
  T.F. Pump Aleeve orings   temperature controllers
  thermo couple   Wall mounting indicator
  water testing kit   Burner Rod and Burner coil
  Diffuser Plates   Fuel Pump
  Fuel Pump Make -Suntech Suntech   Sequence Controller MA - 810
  S.S. Flot & Mobri switch    
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